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a new one

Album - 15.09.2023

1. butterflies
2. pretend
3. peace of mind
4. my plant is dying
5. a new one

6. green

7. long gone

8. so much

9. irreplaceable you

10. feelings (ft. Wise John)

irreplaceable you cover art.jpg

irreplaceable you

EP - 23.08.2023

pretend final cover.jpg


EP - 14.07.2023



EP - 26.05.2023

ep cover2.png

letters from dreamland

EP - 29.07.2022

1. as the autumn leaves
2. dreamland
3. when you're me
4. too hot to touch
5. don't mind me

6. why keep it intact?

7. with the wind

drink my soul cover.jpg

drink my soul

EP - 25.06.2021

1. mean
2. dancing in the corner
3. heartbreak
4. soul of steam
5. two for too long

despair cover .jpg


SINGLE - 24.04.2019

here with you cover.JPG

here with you (ft. lou)

SINGLE - 21.12.2018


"leo. delivers a soothing collection of seven tracks on latest EP letters from dreamland, led by his enchanting vocals and minimal yet delicate instrumentals moving through the singer’s journey of personal growth in an intimate yet relatable manner.

With this gently presented EP tracing his personal and professional growth, he continues to make waves in the music industry since his debut in 2018."

"Still only 19 years old, it took the summer of 2018 for leo. to emerge blinking into the light, recording his debut single at home in Portugal.

Since then, each step has been taken with patience, and quiet assurance; five singles followed, before his neat 'drink my soul' EP last year.

New single 'too hot to touch' is a cute return, the slomo arrangement having a stately touch.

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