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The forward single


On Friday 26th May, musical pop artist leo. releases green on all streaming platforms: the first single from his coming full length album.

Mixing the intimate vulnerability fans have come to expect, green imbues the journey with an energy and hope that is infectious. Expect earworms that far outlive the few minutes of the song itself, played out across a plethora of indie and musical-style instruments: ukulele, piano, strings, leo's signature dreamy backing vocals and others.

After the major success of despair and drink my soul, 2023 sees the young Leo Pereira offer us the next piece of his soul and the first release in partnership with ADSRecords. Recorded and produced by Ed Allen at The Green Room, Leeds.

“green is a song I wrote about someone who had too many green flags for me to succeed at self-sabotage. It’s a really fun song about hope that things can actually be good and complete stubbornness about letting a new person in all at the same time. It’s the first single off my upcoming debut album, due later this year, produced by Ed Allen. Ed and I have worked really hard to develop my sound and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming along. This is my favourite song I’ve done yet and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

About leo.


leo. is a young, multi-million-streaming performer and singer/songwriter from Portugal and the UK. Drawing from acoustic singer-songwriter and indie, the music is a raw interpretation of life and has created a safe space where listeners can feel understood. 


Emerging from rigorous classical training, leo. recorded his first single in 2018 from his bedroom in Portugal. It was in 2019 that he released his seismic single Despair, lifting leo. to over 20 million streams. It laid the foundations to his sound, the nostalgic harmonies to lush instrumentation, drawing on earlier inspirations like Dodie, Cavetown and Ricky Montgomery. 

Following the release of Drink My Soul in 2021 and Letters From Dreamland in 2022, leo. teamed up with indie label ADSRecords to take his sound to stage. Leo’s fan community is a broad family and is perhaps his greatest achievement. It is becoming constantly better connected and is set to gather around leo.’s biggest offering to date, coming in 2023.


Phone number: +44 7886493692


"leo.’s music is fantastic, with latest track despair being a wonderful indie-pop song, featuring fantastic pop sensibilities as well as a very catchy and addictive rhythm."

"I am really enjoying his passionate, emotive vocal delivery which instantly connects the listener to his relatable storytelling. heartbreak is an enthralling listening experience with tons of emotion and a timeless and cinematic atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home."

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